10 Signs You’re Getting Fired

Do you ever feel like your job is on the line? 

Do you have a sneaking suspicion you’re about to be replaced?

Today’s fast-paced business environment, amid industry layoffs, makes some people justifiably paranoid about their job security.

Well, this cautious gut instinct may save your professional life.

You must recognize the signs you’re getting fired. 

If you handle the situation proactively, you can be prepared for whatever the final outcome may be.

And if the worst happens—you get fired—know there is support for finding a new and better position. 

Be aware of these ten warning signs. Then, you can control the situation and not just be a passive participant.

  • 1. Suddenly Out of the Loop

Have you become invisible at work? Are you left out of crucial meetings and the latest briefings? Do coworkers no longer ask for your opinion or advice?

It may not be your imagination.

This may be the first sign of adverse changes in your work environment.

  • 2. Communication Blackout

Have work-related emails begun to dry up? Does your boss seem to be avoiding you?  Are your lines of communication breaking down?

This drop in communication is often a precursor to severance. 

Pay attention. You may need to reassess your situation.

  • 3. The Feedback Fiasco

Is the feedback you receive getting increasingly hostile? Does it feel more like you’re being roasted than constructively criticized?

If your attempts to address the feedback don’t improve the situation, it’s a matter of concern. Something may be up.

  • 4. Stalled Growth

Has your career growth stagnated? Are promotions not coming your way? Are you prevented from pursuing professional development activities?

A lack of advancement opportunities signals a career plateau at this company.

You may need to look elsewhere for further opportunities.

  • 5. The Great Responsibility Shuffle

Are your core responsibilities being handed off to others for no good reason? Maybe the company is shifting reliance away from you because you won’t be there much longer. 

Time to reassess your employment position.

  • 6. The Documentation Request

Are you being told to train others for your tasks? Must you now document your processes without an apparent reason to do so?

You may be in the process of being replaced.

  • 7. The Dreaded PIP

Are you now on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)?

This is a possible step towards dismissal that should be taken seriously.

If your newly-assigned goals seem unattainable or you lack the support needed to help you meet them, you are facing a difficult road.

  • 8. Company-Wide Changes

Is your company experiencing layoffs, restructuring, or financial difficulties? These events create a volatile environment for many employees, including you. 

You must stay informed about what’s happening at the company. This is the only way to properly judge your job security.

  • 9. New Boss, New Direction

Do you have new leadership? This often means team shakeups. Is it directly or indirectly impacting your team? 

Is the company taking a new strategic direction? How do you fit into that new scheme?

You may be on your way out if you don’t align with the new corporate vision.

  • 10. Trust Your Gut

Is your intuition telling you that something’s off? You should listen. 

Gut instincts aren’t measurable, but they’re often useful.

If you feel uneasy about your job security, it's worth taking those feelings seriously and preparing accordingly.

Preparing for the Future

There’s no reason to ignore the signs that you’re getting fired. It’s not the end of the world or of your career.

Still, it may be time to:

Approaching your boss or HR is also wise. Engage in open dialogue. See if your fears are well-founded. It could open new doors for you. 

If your time has come, you’ll at least have achieved some clarity and can exit gracefully on your own terms.

Be Proactive, Not Paranoid

Noticing some signs you’re getting fired doesn’t guarantee your job is in jeopardy. You have to take steps to determine the reality of your situation. 

Research what your gut tells you, but act only on the facts.

Being prepared can make all the difference in navigating your career’s future—whether you stay or leave.

In any case, be optimistic. You have skills and can improve them if needed. It’s a big marketplace. You can find a new job that furthers your career. 

Go for it.

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