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We specialize in providing advanced AI tools tailored for job seekers

Job Application kit

One click gets you a job specific cover letter, resume and a followup email. Besides that, we find HR managers at the company you want to apply to!

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • HR Contact Information
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AI Job Interview

Prepare for your upcoming interview in style. Generate a mock interview and practise beforehand to gain valuable insights and confidence.

  • Prepare before real interview
  • Expand your knowledge
  • Increase confidence
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AI Resume Builder

The quickest and most efficient way to create a resume, upload an existing one or provide your desired job title and our AI will generate the first draft for you in seconds.

  • First draft in seconds
  • AI First Editor
  • ATS Friendly
is aiapply better than kickresume

AI Cover Letter

Cover letters are boring and most tools generate poorly written ones. Our AI will generate a job specific cover letter for you in seconds using advanced AI models.

  • AI Trained on 1000s of cover letters
  • Customizable tone
  • Easily export to PDF
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Apply to jobs on Auto-Pilot

If you need to save time or get a job quicker. Go through our auto-apply onboarding and let our AI apply to jobs for you while you sleep.

  • Various Pricing Plans
  • Email updates on applications
  • Quicker journey to job offers
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Global Job Board

Upload your CV and get matched with the best job offers from all around the world. To apply quicker, generate application kits for the job posts in a single click!

  • Jobs in 20+ Countries
  • Match with perfect offers using AI
  • Integrated Application Kits
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Resume Hosting

Sharing your CV has never been simpler. Drop a file of your resume and easily share it via a link, plus watch when a potentional employer views it.

  • Effortless sharing
  • Short link
  • No more file uploads
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Interview buddy

Generate the perfect personalised answer to any interview question. Be prepared for whichever question you get asked.

  • Custom Answers based on Resume
  • Real Time Interview Help
  • Available on iOS (soon)
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Resume translator

Translate your resume in a single click. Upload your CV, select one of the 6 most frequent European languages we provide and relax.

  • Save time and money
  • High-quality translations
  • Outputs ATS friendly resume template
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Data & Security

We respect your Data & Security

AiApply follows industry standards while constantly investing in privacy of our users.

Hosted in the European Union
AiApply is proudly hosted in the European Union which means that you are protected under the toughest privacy law in the world (GDPR) as well as UK GDPR as we are based in the United Kingdom.
We appreciate our users trusting us with their sensitive personal information. No data is sold to third parties and all data is fully encrypted on our servers.
Regular Security Audits
Our commitment to data security is demonstrated through regular, comprehensive security audits to ensure the integrity of our systems.
Security Data Transmission
All data sent to and from AiApply is encrypted using SSL/TLS, safeguarding it from interception using transmission.

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All in one tool for job seeking

Land a job faster while having all the necesary tools in one place.

Job Application kit

Get a Job Specific Cover Letter, Resume and Followup Email, all in one click.

AI-First Resume Builder

Build a resume, but 70% faster and better than using old-school manual editing tools.

AI Cover Letters

Use AI models trained on cover letters that got our customers $100k/year jobs.

AI Job Interview

Be prepared by generating a job-specific Q&A that will increase your chances.

Interview Answers

Get real-time answers and ace the next job interview with ease.

Resumé Link

Stand out and share your resume with an employer using a simple link.

Resumé Translator

Translate your resume in a single click! Save hundreds of $$$.

AI Headshots

Get professional photos in a few minutes without an actual photographer.

Job Board

We make you a resume, help you find a job and you’ll just apply. Could it be any easier?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Every question you might possibly think of, alternatively you can always reach out to us at [email protected].

What is Interview Buddy?

Interview Buddy is a tool designed to help you generate personalized answers to any interview question. It uses AI to provide real-time interview help and prepare you for various questions based on the job description for the position you're applying and the skills and experiences in your resume.

What information do I need to provide Interview Buddy with?

You need to provide your resume along with a job description so that the AI can generate personalized answers based on your job history, skills, and experiences.

Can Interview Buddy help with real-time interview questions?

Yes, Interview Buddy works quickly and can help with the interview process in real-time, giving you answers straight away as well as feedback. While we recommend using interview buddy to prepare before your interview, it can also be used during the interview itself if you get stuck.

How quickly can I get answers using Interview Buddy?

Interview Buddy provides answers almost instantly, meaning you don't have to wait around to get feedback.

Will interviewers know I'm using Interview Buddy?

When using Interview Buddy to prepare, there's really no way for your employer to find out, especially as any answers you receive will be personalised and humanised. You're also free to adapt your answers to suit your specific needs better.

Can Interview Buddy help me with any job application?

Our AI technology is trained to adapt to any role in any industry, so anybody can use it in their job search. Simply make sure to give Interview Buddy a job description and title as well information about your current position and career history for personalised results.


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Step up your job search to the next level, cutting edge services for your job search.

  • Application Kit
  • AI Job Interview
  • AI Resume Builder
  • AI Cover Letters
  • Resume Hosting
  • Resume Translator
  • Website Builder
  • Interview Buddy for iOS (soon)
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"I need a job ASAP"

$20 $12.93 /month

Time Limited 44% discount.

Step up your job search to the next level, cutting edge services for your job search.

  • Application Kit
  • AI Job Interview
  • AI Resume Builder
  • AI Cover Letters
  • Resume Hosting
  • Resume Translator
  • Website Builder
  • Interview Buddy for iOS (soon)
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ai for jobs
resume builder ai
how to build a resume ai

Loved by 212924 users