Using an AI résumé builder is like having a personal guide who can fluently speak the “ATS language.”

Let your AI guide negotiate with the Applicant Tracking System that’s barring the door to your job chances. Then, you’ll gain access to the inner chamber of human application reviewers. 

That’s your goal. To get your résumé through the ATS and get noticed by the people making the hiring decisions.

Otherwise, you have no chance of getting that job. You’ll be left unseen, out in the cold.

Here’s how we can help you get a fighting chance for that job position.

Let’s build your résumé to beat the ATS.

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Before we build your résumé, you need to understand what you’re up against.

An ATS is software, often artificially intelligent, that sits between you and the human decision-makers who award the jobs to the most deserving candidate. You want to be that deserving candidate, right?

But before you can be awarded a job, the human decision-makers must choose you from dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other candidates. 

This massive number of electronic applications is an overwhelming burden on the decision-makers. So, most big and many small companies have automated the process.

An ATS scans your job application, résumé, cover letter, and any other forms you’ve filled out for your online application. It puts the lot into an extensive database so they can analyze it and compare it to the other candidates’ applications. If you compare favorably to the job description, your application moves to a human for further consideration.

The problem is that you must not only provide the right keywords corresponding to the job description but also format your cover letter, résumé, and other information in a way that the ATS can easily read it. 

This kind of writing takes special knowledge, concentration, skill, and time. If you apply for multiple jobs, you will repeat this customization process for each one.

This is where you can use your own automation to get past theirs. 

This is where AI résumé builders come into play.

What is an AI Résumé Builder?

Long gone are the days of handwriting your résumé, typing it on a typewriter, or having a single, generic résumé printed up to distribute.

With the coming of the ATS application screening age, the need to custom tailor every résumé and cover letter to each specific job application is crucial. 

Generic résumés and cover letters no longer work. You’ll be automatically screened out. You want to get past the electronic gatekeepers and be noticed by humans. 

You must automate your application process to fight the ATS screening automation the hiring managers use. 

The age of AI résumé automation has now arrived. You can easily take advantage of it by using an AI résumé builder.

How Do AI Résumé Builders Work?

To build an AI résumé means taking a simple but complete CV or résumé and uploading it to the builder. It doesn’t need to be formatted in any particular way, just so that it is easy for the computer to process it.

Once you’ve uploaded your complete CV or résumé, there are different approaches the résumé builder can take.

A Simple AI Résumé Builder

A simple yet effective AI résumé builder will ask questions: 

  • What is your desired job title?
  • What is your experience level?
  • What skills do you possess?

The builder processes the résumé along with the answers you’ve provided and generates a custom résumé that is tailored to the skills you are offering. 

Importantly, it also formats the résumé to be ATS compliant. You have your best chance of beating the ATS screener if this formatting is intelligent and properly executed.

With our service, you can generate a free ATS-formatted AI Résumé in seconds. 

You can also generate a free ATS-formatted cover letter.

An Advanced AI Résumé Builder

Another approach an AI résumé builder can take is to offer additional tools to help you in your job search. 

AIApply provides an entire AI Job Application Kit:

  • Résumé Builder
  • Cover Letter Generator
  • Professional Headshots
  • Job Post Answers (for interview questions)
  • Interview Buddy (AI mock interviews)
  • Résumé Translator
  • Résumé Hosting (Share with a link)
  • Top-company Job Board

Our advanced AI résumé builder allows you to:

  1. Search for a matching top job
  2. Enter the URL for a job post description
  3. Or, paste the text of a job description 

You may choose the tone and style of your cover letter and résumé:

  • Informal
  • Semi-casual
  • Neutral
  • Semi-formal
  • Formal

When you’re ready, click the “Generate Application Kit” button.

After a few moments, you’ll receive a job-specific cover letter, a job-specific résumé, and a job-specific follow-up email.

All documents are ATS compliant—simply formatted and relevant to the job description. 

The Job Application Kit is your best chance to beat the ATS and get noticed.

And you can start for free today.

Next Steps

You have now been advised of the best chance to have a human review your job application. 

Many, many applicants will be filtered out of the competition. 

You don’t need to be one of them.

Submitting a flawless application that passes through ATS is a great way to get noticed. The hiring manager will see your application, and your skills—focused on the job description—will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. 

If you have questions of any kind, dont hesitate to get in touch with us by email.

We’re here to provide the support you need to get the high-paying job you want. 

Try us out for free now.

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