AI is transforming the global economy.

Over the next few years, almost 40 percent of global employment will be affected by AI. 

AI has already changed the job-hunting landscape.

You can use AI to gain an edge in a high-paying job market today. 

Use AI for:

  • Focused career planning.
  • Targeted job searching.
  • Automating the application process.
  • Practicing for interviews.
  • Finding your ideal position.
  • Keeping up on industry trends.
  • Continuous learning.

When you factor in the number of times you’ll apply for a good position, using AI for jobs is in your best interest.

We’ll look at the ways you can benefit from AI to plan, learn, search, apply, and win your ideal job.

Using AI to Build Your Future

You can search and apply for just a few jobs here and there and be satisfied with what you get. Lots of people do. They spend their entire lives this way.

But designing your future brings greater, more satisfying rewards. There is a process to career success that you can follow. 

I’ll lay it out for you but with a twist. We’ll use the latest AI technology to automate the boring parts, leaving you to provide the uniquely human elements for planning your professional life.

AI is great at researching. It is also good at writing things based on this research. This is the true advantage of AI: You don’t have to do it all yourself. AI does just about everything a machine can do for you, including finding you a great job.

Let’s see how AI can get your career in gear.

Career Planning

Don’t be fooled. Planning your career takes courage, time, and hard work. 

Much of the planning relies on your own judgment. Where do you want to end up, professionally speaking?

Where does AI fit in?

Use AI to analyze your background and recommend relevant career choices. 

Analyze job market trends. Find in-demand skills and industries you may wish to pursue.

Get AI inspiration based on your skills, experience, and career path preferences to identify your ideal job.

Find the long-term forecast for your desired career. Get a good sense of how it may change over time. You can prepare for what may be to come then plan on how to adapt.

Explore various scenarios to see if a career fits your skills, preferences, and interests.

Locate networking events, find a mentor, or identify professional organizations you could join. 

There is much research involved in career planning. With your guidance, AI can bring all this information together and summarize it for you. It can create a written career plan for you to have whenever you need it.

Continuous Learning

AI is revolutionizing education as much as any other field. It’s particularly well-suited to individualized learning, the kind of learning you need to succeed.

Where does AI fit in?

Identify your current skills gaps and receive AI recommendations for courses and certifications. 

Ask AI questions, and it provides answers. This dialogue is great for exploring new concepts.

Create a tailored learning plan for your career development.  You might call it your personal syllabus. Follow it and learn.

Lifelong learning is not a cliché. It is a survival tactic. As technology races ahead, we humans must keep up. Learning new skills is the only way to do this. Education is also the path leading to higher incomes.

Job Searching

You probably don’t want just any job. You want the right job for you.

Where does AI fit in?

Search with AI-powered job search engines to find more relevant job postings than traditional search engines.

Set up automatic AI alerts for new job postings matching your specific needs.

Again, employ AI to find networking opportunities, events, and professional groups focused on your industry. Getting to know more people is one of the best ways to find the right job for you.

Analyze company cultures with AI to find a good fit for your work style and values. Find a place where you belong. 

Automating Job Applications

Automate the job application process with AI. Focus cover letters and résumés, email followups, and more.

I’m going to use our service,, as a great example of how AI can automate the job application process. To do this, I’ll show you aiApply’s AI-based Application Kit. You can see how the career process I spoke of earlier is supported throughout by the many tools we provide.

Where does AI fit in?

Here’s the list of AI tools included in the Application Kit. 

Try these tools out on real jobs for free. If you want more power, more automation, and more features, you can upgrade to our affordable Premium plan. 

Winning the Job

In the end, your job success is up to you: How you plan your career, how you learn what will make you more attractive to employers, how you search for the right job, and how you apply to fill the job you want with your best chances of beating the competition.

Using the latest AI technologies is now part of the game, whether you apply for one, several, or dozens of jobs.

How much is your education, professional reputation, and future career worth? 

Next Steps

Your head may be swimming with ideas. And questions, too.

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