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Password Protection. Optionally, you can protect your resume with a password to only allow authorised access.

Analytics. View how many times has your resume been loaded and by how many unique people.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is AIApply's Simple Resume Link Hosting?
AIApply's Resume Link Hosting is a straightforward, no-fluff platform that allows you to upload your resume and instantly receive a shareable link.
How do I use AIApply's Resume Link?
Simply upload your resume to our platform. Once it's uploaded, you'll receive a direct link, which you can then share with potential employers or on social media.
Is my data with AIApply secure?
Absolutely. We prioritize user privacy and security. Your resume is stored safely, and we guarantee not to share or sell your data to third parties.
Why should I use a resume link instead of sending my resume directly?
Using a resume link offers multiple advantages: it's convenient, fast, reduces email clutter, and gives a touch of modern professionalism. Instead of sending a bulky attachment, just provide a clean, direct link.
Can I track views on my resume link?
Yes, with AIApply you can see how many times your resume has been accessed, providing you with insights about its visibility and effectiveness.
How long will my resume link be active on AIApply?
By default, your resume link will remain active for 6 months. However, we do offer extended plans for those who desire longer durations.
How does a resume link enhance my job application process?
A resume link is modern, avoids email attachment issues, and shows potential employers that you are tech-savvy. Plus, with real-time updates, you can always ensure that you're sharing the most recent version of your resume.
Is AIApply's resume link mobile-friendly?
Yes. Our platform ensures that employers can view your resume seamlessly on any device, be it desktop, tablet, or mobile.
What makes AIApply's resume link hosting unique?
Our commitment is to simplicity and efficiency. AIApply provides a hassle-free, direct link creation without any unnecessary complexities, ensuring your job application process is as smooth as possible.

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Everything you need to build a great resume

AI-first resume builder saves you hours of building and proofreading.

AI Generated First Draft

Get a professionally tailored first draft of your resume in seconds, without any fluff.

Regenerate sections with AI

Easily select a section, provide instructions and watch aiapply work its magic.

Manual Editing

Make final adjustments easily with advanced manual editing.

Export as PDF

Easily export your new resume as a PDF file.

Share with a link

Share the new resume with your employer using our resume hosting link.


We use AI to scan your resume and suggest improvements to get hired quicker.

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Our customers get hired by top companies by using our AI Tools

Practice Interviews
Interview buddy is a tool that lets you generate a mock interview for any job, all you need is a URL of the job post or job description.
Generate Cover Letters
Use our cover letter generator to get a job-specific cover letter in a matter of seconds.
Resume Hosting
Host your resume on a simple link and know when a potential employer views your resume.
Find jobs
We will match you with the perfect job from our extensive job board full of new opportunities.

“Honestly the fact that I got a $100k/year job so quick makes AIApply worth every penny. Just try it and you'll see how much quicker the whole process becomes.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply to new jobs as quickly as possible?

You can use our resume builder and cover letter generator to speed up the application process.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, you can try almost all our tools for free and if you like it, upgrade to premium.

How does it work?

We use AI modes trained on thousands of cover letters and resumes to generate the best content for job-seekers that want to get hired quicker.

What does the premium subscription include?

Our premium subscription includes unlimited access to all AI tools for job-seekers plus our chrome extension that lets you fill out job applications in seconds.

Can I find a job directly on this website?

Yes! We will match you with the perfect job from our extensive job board that includes positions from all over the world.


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