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Why get a professional headshot?

Professional headshots can help you be more trustworthy and attract more potential employers.

Linkedin Profile Picture that stands out

Use our headshots as your linkedin profile picture to attract attention and evoke professional feeling.

  • Attract more employers
  • Show professionalism
  • Get more job offers
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Corporate photoshoot for company website

Convert more visitors into customers by showcasing your company in a professional way.

  • Evoke trust
  • Attract more customers
  • Get more partnerships
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32x Unique photos in one photoshoot

You will get 32 photos that you can choose from and use across your social media and professional career.

  • Photorealistic quality
  • Different backgrounds
  • Maximum 1 hour turnaround
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We help job seekers get hired quicker

Our results speak for themselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every question you might possibly think of, alternatively you can always reach out to us at [email protected].

What do you do with my photos after training?

After training our AI model with your photos, we create avatars and then remove the photos and models from our servers/GPU APIs within a week. For immediate deletion, click the "Delete" button to erase all data instantly.

Who owns the pictures?

The ownership of the photos remains with you. We only use them for AI model training and delete them after a week. You also have a full commercial license for your photos.

What type of photos should I upload?

Upload 16 close-up and 1 upper body shots. Ensure diversity in facial expressions, locations, backgrounds, and perspectives. High-resolution photos yield the best results; avoid heavy makeup as it may appear exaggerated. Refrain from uploading nudes, though swimwear/underwear is acceptable.

What if I’m missing a feature?

If you’re missing a feature anywhere on our platform, reach out to us at [email protected] and we will try our absolutely best to meet your needs and expectations.

Can I find jobs directly on this website?

Yes! We match you with job opportunities from our partners and thanks to our tight integration, you can select and generate job-specific cover letters, resumes and much more. We aggregate multiple job boards to find the perfect match.

Do you provide student discounts?

Yes! If you’re a student, you can reach out to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to help you get started in your career. Junior job search is tough and we know it.

Do you have an API?

We do not have a publicly accessible API, however, if you’re interested in getting access to our advanced infrastructure, email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to offer a win-win partnership.

Will my employer find out I used AiApply?

Our AI models are advanced enough to bypass AI-detection and we are constantly working on improving that. Besides that, most employers will not mind you getting help from AI - the opposite is true most of the time! Being able to find a quicker/better solution to a problem is a quality that most employers value highly.


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ai for jobs
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